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Ramble Room

Dallas Texas

"Ramble Room promises custom-built booths with black leather, warm and dark wood furniture, a horse-shoe bar, and a private upstairs room for large or private parties with a view down into the restaurant. The space is 4,500 square feet, with seating for 75 in the main dining room and 50 more on the patio.

It’s American fare in that the dishes are familiar — Swedish meatballs, Italian calamari, a French mushroom bisque and steak frites, numerous Italian plates of pasta and entrees make up the bulk of the menu, sitting next to select classic American (leaning towards steakhouse) options. The wedge salad, fried green tomatoes, crab cake salad, brick chicken, grilled salmon with grits, and a Plaza Burger with gruyere and au poivre sauce: the hits are all here. And, of course, dessert."

Courtney E. Smith

Eater Dallas

Project Gallery

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